"Just the most amazing experience! Worth the long trip from South Africa as I got to meet the most amazing people from all walks of life with one passion, hockey! The heroes of the 1980 team were so great, unbelievable experience to play with them. The organization and dedication of those who run the camp is mind blowing with surprises around every corner...thank you and I hope to be back next year!"—Tamsin

"From the Olympians, to our amazing trainer Matt, to the camp organizers and staff, to the other guys and gals at the camp, and to the most incredible teammates I could have hoped for, EVERYONE was phenomenal, friendly, and outgoing. I can't rate this experience highly enough!"—Steve

"Such a great program. They turned my once-in-a-lifetime experience into an every year experience from now on. The attention to detail and professionalism of the people involved in this program are top notch. I can't wait to come back. Thank you for this memorable experience."—Tanja

"Words cannot express my gratitude to the staff, coaches and players This was a first class experience from my first email to my last goodbye. I would say to anyone who loves the game of hockey, and the 1980 Miracle team specifically, this camp is a must-do. Of the many memories I will take home, the two that will be stuck in my head forever are first being coached by Kenny Morrow, "wingers 3rd man high, back check to the house, protect the middle," and skating with Mark Pavelich and being in awe of his talent on the ice and quiet humility off the ice. Hopefully by tomorrow I can remember these things WITHOUT tearing up every time. Hope to see you all next year. Thanks again!"—Dave

"Amazing, it was everything we hoped and so much more. This didn't feel like a "fantasy camp," it was more like a reunion of the miraculous '80 USA Team, and we were able to tag along. From the team to the campers to the staff...everything was top shelf (including the cocktails)."—Peter